Rich, Bold


The venison haunches are cured using natural salt with a mixture of hand picked herbs from our garden. The meat is cold smoked, air dried and left to mature for a minimum of 9 months. The flavour is amazing!


Fresh Jarred


Cold smoking is a traditional way of preserving game meat. The smoke not only adds flavour but helps to reduce the moisture content before it is left to mature. We use native hardwoods and fruit woods sourced locally.

Rich, Bold

Wild and organic

Game is harvested from natural landscapes such as forests, farm land and moorlands, which means their diet is natural from eating fresh vegetation, berries and insects. This diet gives game meat its distinctive delicious taste.

The game meat is very versatile for instance venison can replace beef in most recipes and pheasant and partridge can replace chicken. Our cold smoked products can be easy prepared to be served simply with a preserve and seasonal vegetables to winter casseroles and game pies. In addition the smoky aromas from the meat create fabulous in depth flavours which creates a meal to remember.

Artisanal Made

Game dishes

From the Beginning

Our Story

Based in Jedburgh in the heart of the Scottish Borders The Smoked Game Company established December 2014 is run by Andrew Millward. During his years managing rural sporting enterprises in Europe and beyond; Andrew developed a wide ranging knowledge of the preparation of game foods. His skill is in the preparation of the game products, by enhancing their flavors and ease of preparation for the consumer.

Andrew personally sources only the best quality game from local game dealers and country estates. The game is cold smoked using native hardwoods and seasoned fruit wood sourced locally. The game meat is full of added aromas of the wood smoke and added herbs which compliment the game meat. Andrew’s game products are a very healthy low fat and tasty alternative as well as being incredibly versatile.