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Scottish venison prosciutto, cold smoked and matured for 9 months. Venison prosciutto samples

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Try our 100g samples @ £10 - before purchasing a full venison prosciutto.

Venison prosciutto comes dipped in beeswax to act as packaging (instead of plastic) and wrapped in muslin cloth.

To ensure you enjoy the full flavour break of the bees wax and shave the meat very thinly and serve with a drizzle of rapeseed oil or similar.

: £10.00
Venison wild Scottish dry cured venison 9 months aging Venison prosciutto

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The venison prosciutto is matured for a minimum of 12 months and has a approx finishing weight of 3kg.

The venison prosciutto comes dipped in beeswax to act as packaging (instead of plastic).

The venison prosciutto can be enjoyed at your leisure with family and friends over 12 months (subject to being stored in the correct manner as stated below). For one person we recommend 25 grams of venison per portion therefore 3kg goes along way.

This product has a shelf-life of one year therefore it can be enjoyed at your leisure with family and friends.

Opening - Slicing - Storing:

  1. Only crack off the wax to the amount of meat you are cutting off.
  2. We suggest to cut the product lengthways, this way you are working towards the middle of the product.
  3. Cut the venison very thinly as per the photo above.
  4. After cutting rub olive oil or similar to the end and wrap cling film over - this will ensure the meat will stay hydrated ready for the next time.
  5. Store the venison in a dry place or in the fridge below 10C.

Customer reviews:

Bengt and Marianne, Sweden

The venison was fantastic. A unique texture and flavour. It is important to know exactly how to serve it and Andrew of The Smoked Game Company can help you.

Ludo, Belgium

Exceptional and very unusual - just the thing to impress family and friends.

A sauce of redcurrent jelly and a good port added another dimension.

: £200.00